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Surface Integrals

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A series of free Calculus Video Lessons.

Evaluating a Surface Integral - Basic Example
This video shows one example of evaluating a basic surface integral.
Vector Calculus - What is a surface integral? (part 1)
This lecture gently introduces the idea of a "surface integral" and illustrates how to integral functions over surfaces. The idea is a generalization of double integrals in the plane. The concept of surface integral has a number of important applications such as calculating surface area. In addition, surface integrals find use when calculating the mass of a surface like a cone or bowl. A number of examples are presented to illustrate the ideas.

Vector Calculus - More on surface integrals (part 2)
Vector Calculus - Surface integrals + vector fields
This lecture discusses "surface integrals" of vector fields. In particular, we discover how to integrate vector fields over surfaces in 3D space and "flux" integrals. A few examples are presented to illustrate the ideas. Such concepts have important applications in fluid flow and electromagnetics.

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