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Relate Square and Cube

Worksheets, examples, and solutions to help Grade 2 students learn how to relate the square to the cube, and describe the cube based on attributes.

Common Core Standards: 2.G.1, 2.MD.1

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New York State Common Core Math Grade 2, Module 8, Lesson 5

NYS Math Grade 2, Module 8, Lesson 5

Worksheets for Grade 2

Lesson 5 Concept Development and Homework

1. Circle the shapes that could be the face of a cube. Check with your ruler.

2. What is the most precise name of the shape you circled?

3. How many corners does a cube have?

4. How many edges does a cube have?

5. How many faces does a cube have?

6. Draw 6 cubes, and put a star next to your best one.

7. Connect the corners of the squares to make a different kind of drawing of a cube.

8. Patricia used the image of the cube below to count 7 corners. Explain where the 8th corner is hiding.

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