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Videos, examples, and solutions to help Grade 1 students learn how to solve compare with bigger or small unknown problem types.

Common Core Standards: 1.MD.3

New York State Common Core Math Grade 1, Module 6, Lessons 25
Worksheets for Grade 1, Module 6, Lesson 25

New York State Common Core Math Grade 1, Module 6, Lessons 26
Worksheets for Grade 1, Module 6, Lesson 26

Topic F: Varied Problem Types Within 20

Lesson 25 Homework

1. Julio listened to 7 songs on the radio. Lee listened to 3 more songs than Julio. How many songs did Lee listen to?

2. Shanika caught 14 ladybugs. She caught 4 more ladybugs than Willie. How many ladybugs did Willie catch?

3. Rose packed 3 more boxes than her sister to move to their new house. Her sister packed 11 boxes. How many boxes did Rose pack?

4. Tamra decorated 13 cookies. Tamra decorated 2 fewer cookies than Emi. How many cookies did Emi decorate?

5. Rose’s brother hit 12 tennis balls. Rose hit 6 fewer tennis balls than her brother. How many tennis balls did Rose hit?

6. With his camera, Darnel took 5 more pictures than Kiana. He took 13 pictures. How many pictures did Kiana take?

Lesson 26 Homework

1. Fatima walks 15 blocks home from school. Ben walks 8 blocks. How much longer is Fatima’s walk home from school than Ben’s?

2. Maria bought a basket with 13 strawberries in it. Darnel bought a basket with 4 more strawberries than Maria. How many strawberries did Darnel’s basket have in it?

3. Tamra has 5 books checked out from the library. Kim has 11 books checked out from the library. How many fewer books does Tamra have checked out than Kim?

4. Kiana picked 12 apples from the tree. She picked 6 fewer apples than Willie. How many apples did Willie pick from the tree?

5. During recess, Emi found 16 rocks. She found 5 more rocks than Peter. How many rocks did Peter find?

6. The first grade football team has 12 players. The first grade team has 6 fewer players than the second grade team. How many players are on the second grade team?

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