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Use category counts to solve word problems

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Common Core Math Resources, Lesson Plans & Worksheets for all grades
Common Core Math Lessons, Math Worksheets and Games for Grade 2
Common Core Math Lessons, Math Worksheets and Games for all grades

Examples, videos, and solutions to help Grade 2 students learn how to sort and record data into a table using up to four categories; use category counts to solve word problems.

Common Core Standards: 2.MD.10, 2.MD.6

New York State Common Core Math Grade 2, Module 7, Lesson 1

Worksheets for Grade 2

Topic A: Problem Solving with Categorical Data

NYS Math Module 7 Grade 2 Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Homework

1. Count and categorize each picture to complete the table with tally marks.
3. Use the Animal Habitat table to answer the following questions.
a. How many animals live in the arctic?
b. How many animals have habitats in the forest and grasslands?
c. How many fewer animals have arctic habitats than forest habitats?
d. How many more animals would need to be in the grassland category to have the same number as the arctic and forest categories combined?
e. How many total animal habitats were used to create this table?

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