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Solve Two-Step Word Problems


Videos and solutions to help Grade 3 students learn how to solve two-step word problems involving all four operations and assess the reasonableness of solutions.

Common Core Standards: 3.OA.3, 3.OA.7, 3.OA.8, 3.OA.9, 3.OA.1, 3.OA.2, 3.OA.4, 3.OA.6

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New York State Common Core Math Module 3, Grade 3, Lesson 18

Concept Development

Joe has $173 in the bank. He earns the same amount of money each week for 7 weeks and puts this money in the bank. Now Joe has $208 in the bank. How much money does Joe earn each week?

Lesson 18 Homework

Directions: Use the RDW process for each problem. Explain why your answer is reasonable.
1. Mrs. Portillo's cat weighs 6 kilograms. Her dog weighs 22 kilograms more than her cat. What is the total weight of her cat and dog?
4. Leslie weighs her marbles in a jar, and the scale reads 474 grams. The empty jar weighs 439 grams. Each marble weighs 5 grams. How many marbles are in the jar?
5. Sharon uses 72 centimeters of ribbon to wrap gifts. Of that total, she uses 24 centimeters to wrap a big gift. She uses the remaining ribbon for 6 small gifts. How much ribbon will she use for each small gift if she uses the same amount on each?

Lesson 18 Homework

Directions: Use the RDW process for each problem. Explain why your answer is reasonable.
2. Darren studies for his science test for 39 minutes. He then does 6 chores. Each chore takes him 3 minutes. How many minutes does Darren spend studying and doing chores?

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