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Simultaneous Equations Solution Sets

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Examples, solutions, worksheets and videos to help Algebra I students learn how to find solution sets to simultaneous equations.

New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Algebra I, Lesson 23

Lesson 23 Student Outcomes

Students create systems of equations that have the same solution set as a given system.

Students understand that adding a multiple of one equation to another creates a new system of two linear equations with the same solution set as the original system. This property provides a justification for a method to solve a system of two linear equations algebraically.

Exit Ticket

The sum of two numbers is 10 and their difference is 6. What are the numbers?

1. Create a system of two linear equations to represent this problem.

2. What is the solution to the system?

3. Create a new system of two linear equations using the methods described in question (9) of the Exploratory Challenge. Verify that the new system has the same solution.

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