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Cell Division and Reproduction

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Gene Expression
Gene expression is the process of taking genetic information in DNA and translating it into biological functions such as protein synthesis. Gene expression explains the effect of genes on the body on both the macroscopic and microscopic level.

Understanding gene expression in reproduction.
Sex Chromosomes
Sex chromosomes are chromosomes that contain information that is used to determine the gender of an organism. The expression of a sex chromosome on an allele can either be X or Y. Organisms with sex chromosomes XY are male while organisms with sex chromosomes XX are female. Because men only have one X chromosome, recessive traits on a man's X chromosome are always expressed.

The description of sex chromosomes.

Sex Linked Genes
Sex linked genes are carried on the X and Y chromosomes, also known as the sex chromosomes. If a gene is carried on the Y chromosome, only men can inherit it. Recessive genes carried on the X chromosome are always expressed for men, who only have one X chromosome, but must be homozygous to be expressed in women.

Understanding sex-linked genes in reproduction.

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