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Set Notation

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What is a Set?
A set is a well defined group of objects or symbols. The objects or symbols are called elements of the set.

Set-Builder Notation
A collection of numbers can be described as a set. For example, {1,3,5,9,13} is a set containing the listed numbers.
Set-builder notation can be used to build or describe a set. This is especially helpful if the set has an infinite number of numbers or elements.
{x:x ≥ -2} or {x|x ≥ -2}
We say, "the set of all x's, such that x is greater than or equal to negative two".
1. Graph the interval, then express using inequalities and set-builder notation.
Interval notation: (-∞, 3]
2. Graph the interval, then express using inequalities and set-builder notation.
Inequality: -2 < x ≤ 6
3. Give set-builder notation for each set of numbers.
The set of even numbers. {...-4,-2,0,2,4,...}
Set Notation
Roster Method, Set Builder Notation

Sets and Set Notation
Set notation
Set notation an intro to Venn diagrams (IGCSE) Set Notation(s)
A discussion of set notation: lists, descriptions, and set-builder notation.

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