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Separable Differential Equations

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A series of free Calculus 2 videos and lessons.
Partial derivatives and integration, Separable Differential Equations, Linear and Exact Differential Equations.

Partial derivatives and integration
A lecture on partial derivatives and integration. Plenty of examples are discussed and solved to illustrate the ideas. Such concepts are seen in first year university mathematics courses.
Intro to Separable Differential Equations
A lecture that introduces differential equations and show how to solve separable differential equations. Plenty of examples are discussed and solved. The ideas are useful in modelling phenomena.

Linear and Exact Differential Equations
This lecture shows how to solve linear and exact differential equations. Techniques include: integrating factors; the product rule and the chain rule. Such equations are important in modelling and are seen in first year university mathematics.
Homogeneous first order ordinary differential equation
Discuss and solve a "homogeneous" first order ordinary differential equation. The method involves a substitution. Such an example is seen in 1st and 2nd year university mathematics. Mixing problems and differential equations
A simple example known as a "mixing problem" is discussed and modelled via differential equations. Such ideas are seen in 1st year university.

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