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Examples, solutions, videos, activities, and worksheets to help SAT students review solving algebraic equations.

SAT Math Practice Question
Solving Equations
If 6x - 12 = 30, what is the values of x - 2?

SAT Math Questions - Tips on solving Linear Equations
1. If 5/6 x = 4/5, what is the value of x?
2. When one half of the number n is decreased by 4, the result is -6. What is three time n added to 7?
3. If 4 - 7x is 5 less than 23, what is the value of 3x?
4. P = F(1/2v2 + 1).
The above equation gives pressure, P, which is exerted by a fluid that is forced to stop moving. The pressure depends on the initial force, F, and the speed of the fluid, v. Which of the following expresses the square of the velocity in terms of the pressure and the force?
5. One half of the number n is increased by 10 is the same as four less than twice the number. Which of the following equations represents the statement above?
6. If a is b less than one-half of c, what is b in terms of a and c?
7. If x = 1 -y and 3x = 8 - 5y, what is the value of x?
8. The quotient of a number and five equals nine less than one half of the number. What is the number?
9. If a/b = 1, what is the value of a - b?
10. When an object is thrown from the ground into the air with an upward speed of v0 meters per second, the speed, v, in meters per second is given by the equation v = v0 - 9.8t, where t is the time in seconds. The speed of an object becomes 0 when the object reaches its maximum height. If an object is thrown upward with an initial speed of 14 m/sec, how many seconds does it take to reach its maximum height? (Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a second.)

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