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Roots of Polynomials

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Examples, solutions, videos, games, activities, and worksheets to help ACT students review roots of polynomials.

How to find the roots of polynomials also called the zeros of polynomials?
1. If the polynomial has rational roots, then those roots will be fractions of a factor of the constant term divided by the leading coefficient (plus or minus).
2. Use synthetic division or long division to find what binomials possibly goes into the polynomial to find the zeros.

How to Solve Roots of Polynomials
Finding zeros of a third degree polynomial.
Finding all the Zeros of a Polynomial - Example 1
This video shows how to find the remaining zeros of a polynomial given a few known zeros.

Finding all the Zeros of a Polynomial - Example 2
This video uses the rational roots test to find all possible rational roots; after finding one it uses long division to factor, and then repeat.
Finding all the Zeros of a Polynomial - Example 3

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