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Reverse Percentage Problems

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Examples, videos, and solutions to help GCSE Maths students learn how to solve reverse percentage problems.

What are reverse percentage problems?
In reverse percentages problems, you are given a quantity after a percentage increase or decrease and you need to find the original amount.

How to solve reverse percentage problems?

Reverse Percentages (Edexcel GCSE Maths)
This video gives some examples of finding an original amount when given an amount that has had a percentage taken from or added to it.
A laptop has been reduced in a sale by 20%
The sale price is £320
What was the original cost of the laptop?
Reverse Percentages: how to find an original amount
The price of a TV decrease by 15% each year.
The price of a 2 year old TV is £433.50
Find the price when it was new.

Reverse Percentages
This is an online video homework showing how to do GCSE reverse percentage problems
1. The price of a bike has been reduced by 40% in a sale. The sale price is £90. What was the price before the sale?
2. This month itunes downloads have gone up 20% to 48,000. How many downloads were there last month?
GCSE Maths - Reverse Percentage - Higher Grade B - Mathematics - Edexcel Exam revision
1. At a local clothes shop there is a 10% sale on. A shirt is £29.10 in the sales. What was the original price of the shirt?
2. In a different clothes shop, a dress was £106.08 after a 15% reduction. What was the original price?
3. Fred had a pay rise of 25%. He now owns £50.75 a day. How much did he earn each day before the pay rise?

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