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Representations of Half

Videos, examples, and solutions to help Grade 3 students learn how to explore and create unconventional representations of one-half.

Common Core Standards: 3.G.1

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New York State Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 7, Lesson 31, Lesson 32
Worksheets for Grade 3

Lesson 31 Homework

1. Use the rectangle below to answer Problems 1(a) through 1(d).
a. What is the area of the rectangle in square units?
b. What is the area of half of the rectangle in square units?
c. Shade in half of the rectangle above. Be creative with your shading!
d. Explain how you know you shaded in half of the rectangle.

2. During math class, Arthur, Emily, and Gia draw a shape and then shade one-half of it. Analyze each student’s work. Tell if each student was correct or not, and explain your thinking.

3. Shade the grid below to show two different ways of shading half of each shape.

Lesson 32 Homework

1. Estimate to finish shading the circles below so that each circle is about one-half shaded.

2. Choose one of the circles in Problem 1, and explain how you know it’s about one-half shaded.

Circle _____

3. Can you say the circles in Problem 1 are exactly one-half shaded? Why or why not?

4. Marissa and Jake shade in circles as shown below.
a. Whose circle is about one-half shaded? How do you know?
b. Explain how the circle that is not one-half shaded can be changed so that it is one-half shaded.

5. Estimate to shade about one-half of each circle below in an unusual way.

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