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Solve equations using reciprocal trig identities

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The following diagram shows the graphs of the reciprocal trigonometric functions. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions using reciprocal trig. functions.

Graphs of Reciprocal Functions

What are the reciprocal trigonometric functions?
The reciprocal trigonometric functions are secant (sec), cosecant (cosec) and tangent (tan).
\(\begin{array}{l}\sec \theta = \frac{1}{{\cos \theta }}\\{\rm{cosec}}\theta = \frac{1}{{\sin \theta }}\\\cot \theta = \frac{1}{{\tan \theta }}\end{array}\)

Sec, cosec and cot trig ratios and graphs

How to solve trigonometric identities with reciprocal trig functions?
C3 Edexcel June 2012 Q5(a)(b)
Core 3 - Trigonometry - Reciprocal functions - C3 A Level Maths Edexcel

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