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Read Expressions in Which Letters Stand for Numbers

Videos and solutions to help Grade 6 students read and write expressions.

New York State Common Core Math Module 4, Grade 6, Lesson 15

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New York State Common Core Math Grade 6, Module 4, Lesson 15

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Lesson 14 Review

Students write numerical expressions in two forms, dividend ÷ divisor and dividend/divisor, and note the relationship between the two.

Example 1
Fill in the three remaining squares so that all the squares contain equivalent expressions.

Example 2
Fill in a blank copy of the four boxes using the words dividend and divisor so that it is set up for any example.

Lesson 15 Student Outcome
Students read expressions in which letters stand for numbers. They assign operation terms to operations when reading.
Students identify parts of an algebraic expression using mathematical terms for all operations.

Opening Exercise
Complete the graphic organizer with mathematical words that indicate each operation. Some words may indicate more than one operation.

Example 1
1. a - b
2. xy
3. 4f + u
4. d - b3
5. 5(u -10) + h
6. 3/(d + f)
Why is divided by plus not a correct answer?

Circle all the vocabulary words that could be used to describe the given expression.
1. 6h - 10
2. (5h)/6
3. 5(2 + d) -8
4. abc

Write an expression using vocabulary words to represent each given expression.
5. 8 - g
6. 15(a + c)
7. (m + n)/5
8. b3 - 18
9. f - d/2
10. u/x

Problem Set
1. List five different vocabulary words that could be used to describe each given expression.
a. a - d + c
b. 20 - 3c
c. b/(d + 2)

2. Write an expression using math vocabulary for each expression below.
a. 5b - 18
b. n/2
c. a + (d - 6)
d. 10 + 2b

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