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Solve Ratio and Proportion Problems

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help GCSE Maths students learn how to solve ratio and proportion word problems.

Direct Square Proportion
Another proportion example for Higher GCSE. AQA Mod 3
The weight of a metal disc varies directly with the square of its radius. If the weight of a metal disc of radius 5 cm is 400 g, what is the weight of a similar disc of radius 9 cm.
Inverse Proportion
h varies inversely as the square of r, and h = 18 when r = 4. Calculate the value of h when r = 12 and the value of r when h = 8. Proportion & ratio
GCSE Maths Higher & Foundation revision Exam paper practice & help
Here is a list of ingredients for making 10 Flapjacks.
Work out the amount of each ingredient needed to make 15 Flapjacks.

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