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Rate, Time, Distance Problems

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn about rate, time, distance word problems or uniform motion problems.

What is the formula for rate, time and distance?
The formula is rate × time = distance.

Rate-Time-Distance Problem
Common Algebra problem regarding distance, rate, and time and the use of the D = RT formula
Example: Two jets start from San Francisco and travel in opposite directions. The speed of the first jet is nine less than two times the speed of the second jet. In three hours, they are 1,116 miles apart. What is the speed of each jet?
Rate-Time-Distance Problem 1
How to solve word problems on uniform motion (rate-time-distance) using the formula
rate × time = distance, or rt = d.
Example: Two cyclists start at the same corner and ride in opposite directions. One cyclist rides twice as fast as the other. In 3 hours, they are 81 miles apart. Find the rate of each cyclist.

Rate-Time-Distance Problem 2
Solve this word problem using uniform motion rt = d formula.
Example: A jogger started running at an average speed of 6 mph. Half an hour later, another runner started running after him starting from the same place at an average speed of 7 mph. How long will it take for the runner to catch up to the jogger?
Rate-Time-Distance Problem 3
Solve this word problem using uniform motion rt=d formula.
Example: A 555-mile, 5-hour trip on the Autobahn was driven at two speeds. The average speed of the car was 105 mph on the first part of the trip, and the average speed was 115 mph for the second part. How long did the car drive at each speed?

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