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Random Samples

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Examples, solutions, worksheets, videos, and lessons to help Grade 7 students understand that statistics can be used to gain information about a population by examining a sample of the population; generalizations about a population from a sample are valid only if the sample is representative of that population. Understand that random sampling tends to produce representative samples and support valid inferences.

Common Core: 7.SP.1

Suggested Learning Targets

  • I can explain how statistics about a sample can be used to describe a population.
  • I can explain what conditions need to be met for a sample to be a representation of a population.
  • I can explain that random sampling tends to produce representative samples and support valid inferences.
  • I can analyze whether a sample is representative of a population.

Random Samples and Surveys
Identify a random sample.
Identify a biased question.
A population is a group of objects or people. You can gain information about a population by surveying a sample, or a part of a population.
In a random sample, each member of the population has the same chance of being selected. Random sampling tends to produce samples that are representative of the entire population. Generalizations based on representative samples are more likely to be correct.
A biased question is a question that makes an unjustified assumption or makes some answers appear better than others.

Sampling Methods and Preventing Bias
Random Samples and Surveys
How to determine if a sample or survey is random? Simple Random Sampling
This video is intended to provide an understanding of the properties and applications of a simple random sample. Random Sample
Simple Random Sample, Stratified Random Sample.

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