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Quadratic Problems - Geometry

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn about quadratic word problems.
How to solve geometry word problems using quadratic equations?

Word problem using quadratic equations
Example: Suppose the area of a rectangle is 114.4 m2 and the length is 14m longer than the width. Fins the length and width of the rectangle.
Geometry Word Problem with Quadratic Equation
A rectangle is folded into an open box with volume of 7500 cu. cm. Solve for the dimensions of the rectangle.
Example: A machine is capable of producing rectangular sheets of metal such that the length of the rectangle is twice the width. Furthermore, equal-sized squares measuring 10 cm on a side can be cut from the corners so that the resulting piece of metal can be shaped into an open box by folding up the flaps. If the specifications call for the volume of the box to be 7500 cm3, what should the dimensions of the original piece of metal be?

This problem requires the use of the Pythagorean Theorem to find the lengths of the sides of a piece of property in the shape of a right triangle
Example: Taylor finds a piece of property in the shape of a right triangle. She find that the longer leg is 10m shorter than twice the length of the shorter leg and the hypotenuse is 20m longer than the longer leg. Find the lengths of the sides of the triangular lot.
Solving a Geometry Word Problem by Using Quadratic Equations
Example: Suppose a gardener wants to fence three rectangular plots. If she has 120 yards of fencing and the total area of the plots is 450 yd2, give the dimensions of the plots.

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