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Equations of Proportional Relationships

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Examples, solutions, videos, and lessons to help Grade 7 students learn how to recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities.

C. Represent proportional relationships by equations. For example, if total cost t is proportional to the number n of items purchased at a constant price p, the relationship between the total cost and the number of items can be expressed as t = pn.

Common Core: 7.RP.2c

Suggested Learning Targets

  • I can create proportional relationships from equations.
  • I can analyze a proportional equation and explain what each value means.
Represent proportional relationships by equations (Common Core Standard 7.RP.2c)
1. Michael Phelps swam 30 laps in 10 minutes, or three laps every minute. What is the equation for the number of laps he can swim per minute?
2. Identify the constant in the graph y = 3x
Representing Proportional Relationships Algebraically (7.RP.2c)
A proportion is an equation that shows that two ratio are equal.
6 students can fit in 2 rows. How many students will fit in 12 rows?

Representing Proportional Relationships as Equations. Constructing an equation for a proportional relationship.

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