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Profit and Loss Word Problems

Videos and solutions that will help students review word problems on profit and loss.

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GMAT Math Practice Test - Profit
Rob sells burgers at the rate of x dollars per burger. The cost to make a burger is 0.8x dollars. How many burgers does he need to sell to make a profit of 40x dollars? Profit and Loss - Percent Increase/Decrease Problems
How to solve percent increase/decrease problems involving profit and loss over a period of 2 or more years?
Example 1: Marco invested $10,000 in stock. In the first year, the stock decreased in value by 10%. In the second year, the stock decreased in value by 20%. What percentage gain is required in the third year in order for Marco's stock to return to its original value?

Example 2: In the year 2007, the S&P 500 index increased in value by 5%.. In the year 2008, the same index decreased in value by 38.5%. What percentage gain is required in 2009 in order for the index's value to return to its value at the beginning of 2007?

Profit & Loss Word Problems - Algebra
How to solve profit and loss problems using a system of two equations in two unknowns?
Naomi invested a total of $12,000 in two mutual funds. Last year, one account increased in value by 4%, but the other fund decreased in value by 15%. If Naomi's portfolio decreased in value by a total of $1,135 how much was invested in each mutual fund? Solving percent word problems that involve finding the percentage profit
The total cost of producing a tablet is $150. If the manufacturer wants to make a 20% profit, at what price must they sell the tablet?

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