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Probability Distribution

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Common Core (Statistics & Probability)
Common Core for Mathematics

Videos and lessons to help High School students learn how to develop a probability distribution for a random variable defined for a sample space in which theoretical probabilities can be calculated; find the expected value.

For example, find the theoretical probability distribution for the number of correct answers obtained by guessing on all five questions of a multiple-choice test where each question has four choices, and find the expected grade under various grading schemes.

Common Core: HSS-MD.A.3, HSS-MD.A.4

Constructing probability distribution for random variable.

Probability Distributions for Discrete Random Variables - Example
In this video, we find the probability distribution of a discrete random variable based on a particular probability experiment.
Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions
A basic over view of discrete random variables and how to create probability distributions of them. Probability Distribution of a Discrete Random Variable.

The Random Variable and Its Probability Distribution
Some examples of the random variable and its probability distribution. Statistics and Probability : Basic Probability Distribution
Constructing a simple probability distribution.

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