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PreCalculus Review

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A series of free Calculus Video Lessons from UMKC - The University of Missouri-Kansas City.

A Review of Pre-Calculus, Operations on Functions, Families of Functions, Graphing Technology, Definition of a Function

Calculus I - Lecture 1: Functions - A Review of Pre-Calculus


  • Definition of a Function [7.5 min.]
  • Visualizing Functions: Graphs [10.5 min.]
  • Domain (& Range) of Functions [7.5 min.]
  • Some Exercises [11 min.]

Graphing Technology

  • Viewing Windows [3.5 min.]
  • Zooming In or Out [2.5 min.]
  • Errors in Resolution [5.5 min.]

Calculus Lecture 2

New Functions From Old 

  • Operations on Functions [10 min.]
  • How Operations Affect Function Graphs [6.5 min.]
  • Functions with Symmetric Graphs [2 min.]
  • Some Exercises [8 min.]

Families of Functions 

  • The Power Function Family y = xp [7 min.]
  • The Polynomial Function, and Rational Function Families [4 min.]

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