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Practice Test Questions on Consecutive Integers

Materials on this page relate to the SAT before March 2016 and some content may have been removed.

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Videos, solutions, activities and worksheets to help SAT students review practice test questions on consecutive integers.

SAT Math: Introduction to Consecutive Integers
The is a video outlining the concept of consecutive integers for SAT math. In this video you will learn: 1. The definition of consecutive integers 2. how to calculate a quick average 3. how to calculate a quick sum 4. how to reconstruct a series of consecutive integers given a sum. 5. how to find the first, last and middle terms.
SAT Math: Consecutive Integers with Variables
This video explains how to solve consecutive integers using variables. Video contents include: 1. variable form of consecutive integers. 2. variable form of consecutive even integers 3. variable form of consecutive odd integers 4. a sample problem finding the 1st and 3rd term of a consecutive series of integers 5. examples using right triangles and consecutive integers.

Test 1, section 6, question 12
Test 3, section 2, question 16

Test 5, section 7, question 18
Test 6, section 3, question 12

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