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Poisson Distribution: Hypothesis Testing

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Videos, activities and worksheets that are suitable for A Level Maths. How To do a Hypothesis Test on a Poisson Distribution? One tail test and two-tail test.

How To do a Hypothesis Test : Poisson Distribution
In this tutorial you are shown the null hypothesis, and alternative hypothesis for one and two tailed tests for a Poisson distribution. When to reject the null hypothesis, critical values and the difference between a nominal significance level and the actual significance level.
Hypothesis Testing : Poisson Distribution (Example 1)
In this video you are shown how to do a one tail test in the lower tail on the Poisson distribution by two methods. There is also a tag on the end where I discuss the actual significance rather than the nominal significance.

Hypothesis Testing ; Poisson Distribution : (Example 2)
In this video you are shown two methods of calculating a hypothesis that the mean has increased.
Hypothesis Testing : Poisson Distribution : (Example 3)
In this video you are shown a numerical example on how to work with a two tail test. Two methods are shown

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