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In this lesson, we will learn

  • Conservation of Charge - Electric Charge
  • Charge Transfer - Electroscope
  • Electric Force - Coulomb's Law
  • Electric Field

Conservation of Charge - Electric Charge

The law of conservation of charge states that electric charge can neither be created nor destroyed. In a closed system, the amount of charge remains the same. When something changes its charge it doesn't create charge but transfers it.
An explanation regarding the Law of Conservation of Charge
Understanding how electric charge is conserved

Charge Transfer - Electroscope

Charge transfer can happen through friction, induction or conduction. An electroscope is a device which detects charge.
This shows how to do inductive charging. It's demonstrated using an electroscope, a piece of vinyl taken from unused window blinds and a drinking glass
Understanding how charge is transferred through an electroscope.

Electric Force - Coulomb's Law

Opposite electric charges attract each other while like electric charges repel each other. This force of attraction and repulsion is called electric forces. Coulombs law states that force of attraction = coulomb's law constant × charge1 × charge2 / (distance between charges)2.
Find the net electric force using Coulomb's Law
Understanding electric force and Coulomb's Law.

Electric Field

An electric field is the ratio between the force felt by a small charge and that small charge. The small charge is called the test charge. This force can be found using Coulomb's law. Electric field diagrams are used to depict electric fields. When lines are close together, the field is strong.
A brief overview of electric fields and electric field strength
Drawing and interpreting electric field diagrams

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