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Permutation and Combination Tutorial

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Permutations of n different items
In this tutorial, I show you what we mean by a permutation, and how to work them out for n different items.
Permutations of r items taken from n, nPr
You are shown the number of arrangements of r items from n and how to use nPr function

Permutations where letters are repeated in a word
In this video tutorial, I show you how to calculate how many arrangements or permutations there are of letters in a word where a letter is repeated. The words EYE and STATISTIC are used as examples.
Permutations with restrictions - letters/items stay together
You are shown how to handle questions where letters or items have to stay together.

Permutations where items are restricted to the ends
In this tutorial I show you how to calculate how many arrangements or permutations when letters or items are restricted to the ends of a line.
Permutations with restrictions : items not together
How to calculate permutations where no two items the same must be together.

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