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Percent Word Problems

Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra 1 students learn how to solve percent word problems.

Percent Word Problems
(1) Andy has 240 toy cars. 20% of the cars are red. How many read cars are there?
(2) If a bicycle that normally sells for $495 is on sale for 10% off, how much will it cost? Solving Percentage Word Problems
How to solve percentage word problems by setting up a proportion and solving?
(1) A poll was conducted by a local newspaper asking if the governor was doing a good job. 6,000 people were polled. If 2,400 people said they approved of the job the governor was doing, what percent of the people polled disapproved?
(2) Judy wanted to buy a dress for her school dance. She found a dress that was $65.50. She also had a store coupon for an additional 15% off. How much will the dress cost after the discount? Round to the nearest penny.

Percent Word Problems
In this lesson, students learn to solve "percent" word problems, such as the following. What is 16% of 250? Percent Problems
(1) A TV is advertised on sale. It is 35% off and has a new price of $195. What was the pre-sale price?
(2) An employee at a store is currently paid $9.50 per hour. If she works a full year she gets a 12% pay rise. What will her new hourly rate be after the raise?
(3) Store A and store B both sell bikes, and both buy bikes from the same supplier at the same prices. Store A has a 40% mark-up for their prices, while store B has a 250% mark-up. Store B has a permanent sale and will always sell at 60% off those prices. Which store offers the better deal?

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