Percent Word Problems

In these lessons we look at some examples of percent word problems. The videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method to solve word problems.

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The following diagram shows an example of solving a percent word problem using bar models. Scroll down the page for more examples of how to solve percent word problems.

Percent Word Problem

How to solve percent problems with bar models?

  1. Marilyn saves 30% of the money she earns each month. She earns $1350 each month. How much does she save?
  2. At the Natural History Museum, 40% of the visitors are children. There are 36 children at the museum. How many visitors altogether are at the museum?
  3. Bill bought cards to celebrate Pi day. He sent 60% of his cards to his friends. He sent 42 cards to his friends. How many cards did he buy altogether?
  4. Bruce cooked 80% of the pancakes at the pancake breakfast last weekend. They made 1120 pancakes. How many pancakes did Bruce cook?

Sales Tax and Discount
An example of finding total price with sales tax and an example of finding cost after discount.

  1. Alejandro bought a TV for $900 and paid a sales tax of 8%. How much did he pay for the TV?
  2. Alice saved for a new bike. The bike was on sale for a discount of 35%. The original cost of the bike was $270. How much did she pay for the bike?

Percent Word Problems
There are 600 children on a field. 30% of them were boys. After 5 teams of boys join the children on the field, the percentage of children who were boys increased to 40%. How many boys were there in the 5 teams altogether?

Problem Solving - Choosing a strategy to solve percent word problems
An explanation of how to solve multi-step percentage problems using bar models or choosing an operation.
The $59.99 dress is on sale for 15% off. How much is the price of the dress?

How to solve percent problems using a tape diagram or bar diagram?
An investor offers $200,000 for a 20% stake in a new company. What amount does the investor believe the toatl value of the business is worth at this time?
How to use a tape diagram or bar diagram to find the answer?

  1. First draw a bar that represents the company’s whole value.
  2. Divide into 5 equal parts because 100%/20% = 5.
  3. Label one side with the percentages.
  4. Label the other side $200,000 across from 20% because that was given.
  5. Finish labeling the money side.
  6. Find solution.

Solve Percent Problems Using a Tape Diagram (Bar Diagram)
a) If $300 is increased by 25% what is the new amount?
b) What is 19% of 120?
c) Joe went to an athletic store to purchase new running shoes. To his surprise, the store was having a 20% off athletic shoes sale. He purchased a new pair of shoes that were regularly priced $60. How much did Joe pay for his shoes?

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