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Percent of a Quantity

Videos and solutions to help Grade 6 students learn how to find the percent of a quantity.

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New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Grade 6, Lesson 26

Lesson 26 Student Outcomes

• Students find the percent of a quantity. Given a part and the percent, students solve problems involving finding the whole.

Lesson 26 Summary

Models and diagrams can be used to solve percent problems. Tape diagrams, grids, double number line diagrams, and others can be used in a similar way to using them with ratios to find the percent, the part or the whole.

Lesson 26 Classwork

Example 1
Five of the girls on Alden Middle School’s soccer team are 7th-grade students. Find the percentage of 7th graders the team. Show two different ways of solving for the answer. One of the methods must include a diagram or picture model.

Example 2
Of the 25 girls on the Alden Middle School soccer team, 40% also play on a travel team. How many of the girls on the middle school team also play on a travel team?

Example 3
The Alden Middle School girls’ soccer team won 80% of their games this season. If the team won 12 games, how many games did they play? Solve the question using at least two different methods.

Exercises 1–4
1. There are 60 animal exhibits at the local zoo. What percent of the zoo’s exhibits does each animal class represent?

2. A sweater is regularly $32. It is 25% off the original price this week.
a. Would the amount the shopper saved be considered the part, whole or percent?
b. How much would a shopper save by buying the sweater this week? Show two methods for finding your answer.

3. A pair of jeans was 30% off the original price. The sale resulted in a $24 discount.
a. Is the original price of the jeans considered the whole, part or percent?
b. What was the original cost of the jeans before the sale? Show two methods for finding your answer.

4. Purchasing a TV that is 20% off will save $180.
a. Name the different parts with the words: PART, WHOLE, PERCENT.
b. What was the original price of the TV? Show two methods for finding your answer.

Lesson 26 Exit Ticket

1. Find 40% of 60 using two different strategies, one of which must include a pictorial model or diagram.

2. 15% of an amount is 30. Calculate the whole amount using two different strategies, one of which must include a pictorial model. Problem Set
1. What is 15% of 60? Create a model to prove your answer.

2. If 40% of a number is 56, what was the original number?

3. In a grid that represents 800, one square represents __. Use the grids below to represent 17% and 83% of 800. Word Problems
Matt will spend 40% of his holiday break in California. If holiday break is 15 days long, how many days will he spend in California?

Issac loves basketball. He makes 80% of the three point shots that he takes. Last year, he made 40 three point shots. How may three point shots did he take?

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