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Parts as Fractions

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help Grade 3 students learn how to identify and represent shaded and non-shaded parts of one whole as fractions.

Common Core Standards: 3.NF.1, 3.NF.3c, 3.G.2

New York State Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 5, Lesson 7

Worksheets for Grade 3

Lesson 7 Application Problem

Robert was snacking on a small container of applesauce. He ate half of the container. His mother and sister were upset he didn’t save much for them. So he split up the remaining applesauce into 2 bowls. Robert said, “I ate 1 half, and each of you got 1 half.” Is Robert right? Draw a picture to prove your answer.

Bonus Questions:
What fraction of the apple sauce did his mother get?
Why can’t the container be partitioned into 3 equal parts?
What fraction of the applesauce did Robert’s sister eat?

Lesson 7 Concept Development

I have a beaker half full of liquid.

What fraction of liquid can you see? 1 half.

What about the part that is not full? Could that be a fraction, too? Why or why not?
It is a fraction because half is filled, and so it has 1 more half to be all

Even though parts might not be full or shaded, they are still part of the whole.
Lesson 7 Problem Set

1 - 8. Whisper the fraction of the shape that is shaded. Then match the shape to the amount that is not shaded.

9. a. How many eighths are in 1 whole? __________
b. How many ninths are in 1 whole? __________
c. How many twelfths are in 1 whole? _________

10. Each strip represents 1 whole. Write a fraction to label the shaded and un-shaded parts.

11. Avanti read 1 sixth of her book. What fraction of the book has she not read yet? Lesson 7 Homework

Whisper the fraction of the shape that is shaded. Then match the shape to the amount that is not shaded.
10. Carlia finished 1 fourth of her homework on Saturday. What fraction of her homework has she not finished? Draw and explain.

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