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Partitioning Shapes (Grade 1)

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Examples, solutions, videos, and songs to help Grade 1 kids learn how to partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halvesfourths, and quarters, and use the phrases half offourth of, and quarter of. Describe the whole as two of, or four of the shares. Understand for these examples that decomposing into more equal shares creates smaller shares.

Common Core: 1.G.3

Learning Targets:

  • I can partition (divide) a circle and rectangle into two and four equal parts.
  • I can describe the equal parts of a circle and rectangle with words (halves, fourths, and quarters).
  • I can describe the whole by the number of equal parts (e.g., two halves make a whole).
  • I can explain the more equal parts in circle or rectangle, the smaller the parts.
  • I know that the whole or unit has been partitioned into equal– sized portions or fair shares
  • I know how to model halves and fourths with concrete materials
This video explains how to partition a rectangle or circle into 2 equal shares, and defines why we call each share a half. He further explains that 2 halves make 1 whole. Fourths
This video explains how to partition a rectangle or circle into 4 equal shares, and defines why we call each share a fourth. He further explains that 4 fourths make 1 whole. Partitioning shapes halves and fourths

Partitioning a circle and rectangle into halves
Introduce students to common fractions using pictures and objects you can divide or cut into two equal pieces. You challenge students to handle harder examples, such as finding different ways to divide a shape into halves, and identifying shapes which are not divided into halves, even though there are two pieces. Halves Dividing Shapes

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