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Parameterize a Line Segment and a Circle

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Videos, worksheets, games and activities to help PreCalculus students learn how to parametrize a line segment and a circle.

Parametrizing a Line Segment :
There are some situations that are useful to learn to parameterize. We commonly parameterize line segments, and require knowledge of the starting and ending positions. In order to understand how to parameterize line segments, students should understand the concept of parametric equations. The tools we use to parameterize a line can be useful when understanding how to parameterize a circle.

Parameterize a Circle :
One application of parametric equations that is useful to learn is how to parameterize a circle. In order to parameterize a circle centered at the origin, oriented counter-clockwise, all we need to know is the radius. In order to understand how to parameterize a circle, it is necessary to understand parametric equations, and it can be useful to learn how to parameterize other figures, such as line segments.
Learn how to parameterize a curve. Part 1 - What is a curve in mathematics?
Learn how to parameterize a curve. Part 2 - What is a parameter and why do we need it? You must parameterize a curve in 3D (even a line segment).

Learn how to parameterize a curve. Part 3 - What do we need to parameterize a curve? How many parameters, how many components?

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