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New SAT 2016 Math Questions

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New SAT sample questions and answers from College Board
Walkthrough for the New SAT Practice Test 1
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How to answer the new SAT Math questions?

Walkthrough for sample questions illustrating the distinctive features of the redesigned SAT's Math Test from the College Board

The New SAT - Question #1 - Heart of Algebra
If 1/2 x + 1/3 y = 4, what is the value of 3x + 2y?
The New SAT - Question #2 - Heart of Algebra
4x - y = 3y + 7
x + 8y = 4
Based on the system of equation above, what is the value of product xy?

The New SAT - Question #3 - Passport to Advanced Mathematics
The function f is defined by f(x) = 2x3 + 3 x2 + cx + 8, where c is a constant. In the xy-plane, the graph of f intersects the x-axis at the three points (-4,0), (1/2,0) and (p,0). What is the value of c?
The New SAT - Question #4 - Problem Solving & Data Analysis
The scatterplot above shows counts of Florida manatees, a type of sea mammal, from 1991 to 2011. Based on the line of best fit to the data shown, which of the following values is closets to the average yearly increase in the number of manatees?

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