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New SAT 2016

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New SAT sample questions and answers from College Board

Overview about the New SAT 2016

• The first administration of the new SAT will be in March 2016.
• The essay section, which is 50 minutes, will be optional.
• There are two math sections: a 55 minutes section where calculators are allowed and a 25 minutes section where calculators are not allowed.
• The reading section is 65 minutes.
• The writing section is 35 minutes.
• Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers.
• The scoring system is: Math 200 - 800, Reading & Writing 200 - 800, Essay 2 - 8

Check out the following videos for more information about the new SAT New SAT Changes - Analysis & Thoughts 8 Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers) About the New SAT
1. When will the redesigned SAT be given for the first time?
2. Is the PSAT changing and WHEN will that test be offered?
3. In spring 2016, can students take both the current SAT and the redesigned SAT to determine which score is higher?
4. WHY is College Board making changes to the current SAT?
5. HOW is the SAT changing?
6. HOW will the SAT scores change?
7. How will colleges compare scores on the redesigned SAT to scores on the current SAT?
8. How will the redesigned SAT help colleges to make admission decisions?
Bonus Question: Will the 2016 exam be harder or easier than the current SAT?
New SAT vs ACT
Some key similarities include:
No points deducted for wrong answers
Both tests allow score choice
Some key differences include:
ACT- Composite score, average score of 4 subsections
New SAT-Composite score, sum of 2 areas (evidence based reading and evidence based writing and language; Math)

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