New PSAT Math Practice Test 1, Part 15

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These videos and solutions are for the redesigned PSAT, which is for you, if you are taking the PSAT in October 2015 and beyond.

New PSAT Math Practice Tests from CollegeBoard, Practice Test 1, Questions 17 to 20

PSAT Math Practice Test 1 - Calculator

PSAT Practice Test 1 (pdf)

Question 17

The graph shows the amount of protein supplied by five different food products, A, B, C, D, and E, as a percentage of their total weights. The costs of 10 grams of products A, B, C, D, and E are $2.00, $2.20, $2.50, $4.00, and $5.00, respectively. Which of the five food products supplies the most protein per dollar?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. E

Question 18

In quadrilateral ABCD, side BC is parallel to side AD, and AB = CD. If BC and AD were each doubled and BE was reduced by 50 percent, how would the area of ABCD change?
A. The area of ABCD would be decreased by 50 percent.
B. The area of ABCD would be increased by 50 percent.
C. The area of ABCD would not change.
D. The area of ABCD would be multiplied by 2.

Question 19
Boyd grows only tomatoes and raspberries in his garden. Last year, he grew 140 pounds of tomatoes and 60 pounds of raspberries. This year, the production, by weight, of tomatoes declined by 20 percent, and the production, by weight, of raspberries declined by 50 percent. By what percentage did the total yield, by weight, of Boyd’s garden decline?
A. 29 percent
B. 30 percent
C. 35 percent
D. 70 percent

Question 20
The graph shows the frequency distribution of a list of randomly generated integers between 0 and 10. What is the mean of the list of numbers?
A. 3.0
B. 3.5
C. 4.25
D. 12.0

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