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Why is negative times negative positive?

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In this lesson, we will learn why is negative times positive negative and why is negative times negative positive.

Why is Negative times Positive Negative?
This is a subtle question! In this video I make clear which piece of mathematics we choose to accept (and it is a choice!) that makes numbers behave this way. If you choose not to make this choice, that's fine! You'll have created for yourself a new type of mathematics.
Math: Negative Times Negative Equals Positive
Proof that a negative number times a negative number is a positive number - using the number line and algebra

Why is negative times negative positive? PART I
This is the first half of a short video explaining, in true and honest and accessible terms, why negative times negative is positive
Why is negative times negative positive? PART II
This is the second half of the short mathematics explaining, once and for all, the true reason why the product of two negatives is positive.

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