Multiplication Word Problems

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Word problems with multiplication often use a number of items that has a known value each – such as ‘three bags of marbles, each bag has 40 marbles’, ‘six RM5 note’, ‘six packs of eggs, each pack has 12 eggs’.


Ruth bought 6 bags of oranges from a stall. If each bag contains 8 oranges, how many oranges did she buy?


[6 bags] × [8 oranges in each bag]

6 × 8 = 48 oranges


At a library there are 42 bookshelves. Each bookshelf has 6 rows of shelves. If 75 books can be stacked on each row of shelf, what is the total number of books that the library can hold?


[42 bookshelves] × [6 rows] × [75 books]

42 × 6 × 75 = 18,900 books

Multiplication Word Problems


  1. A store owner was buying uniforms for his employees. If each of these stores needed eight uniforms how many uniforms would he need?
  2. John bought two boxes of books at a yard sale. If each box had five books how many books did he buy?
  3. An employee at a construction site earns eight dollars an hour. If he works eight hours in one week, how much money would he have earned?
  4. A pet store sold five gerbils in one week. If each of the gerbils cost eight dollars, how much money would they have made?

Examples of multiplication word problems

  1. There are four children at a party, and you want each child to have three cookies. How many cookies in total must you bake?
  2. What is the product of 8 and 7?

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