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Multiplication Word Problems

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Word problems with multiplication often use a number of items that has a known value each – such as ‘three bags of marbles, each bag has 40 marbles’, ‘six RM5 note’, ‘six packs of eggs, each pack has 12 eggs’.


Ruth bought 6 bags of oranges from a stall. If each bag contains 8 oranges, how many oranges did she buy?


[6 bags] × [8 oranges in each bag]

6 × 8 = 48 oranges


At a library there are 42 bookshelves. Each bookshelf has 6 rows of shelves. If 75 books can be stacked on each row of shelf, what is the total number of books that the library can hold?


[42 bookshelves] × [6 rows] × [75 books]

42 × 6 × 75 = 18,900 books

The following video gives more examples of multiplication word problems.

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