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Multiply using the Standard Algorithm

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to multiply three- and four-digit numbers by one-digit numbers applying the standard algorithm.

Common Core Standards: 4.NBT.5, 4.OA.1, 4.OA.2, 4.NBT.1

New York State Common Core Math Grade 4, Module 3, Lesson 9
Worksheets for Grade 4

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 9 Concept Development
Problem 1: Represent and solve 6 × 162 in the place value chart. Relate the process to solving using the standard algorithm.

Problem 2: Solve 5 × 237 using the partial products algorithm. Then solve using the standard algorithm and relate the two methods to each other. NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 9 Problem Set
1. Solve using each method.
Partial Products and Standard Algorithm 6. One game system costs $238. How much will 4 game systems cost?

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 9 Homework
1. Solve using each method: Partial Products, Standard Algorithm
2. Solve. Use the standard algorithm.
3. What is the product of 8 and 54?

4. Isabel earned 350 points while she was playing Blasting Robot. Isabel’s mom earned 3 times as many points as Isabel. How many points did Isabel’s mom earn?

5. To get enough money to go to on a field trip, every student in a club has to raise $53 selling chocolate bars. There are 9 students in the club. How much money does the club need to raise to go on the field trip?

6. Mr. Meyers wants to order 4 tablets for his classroom. Each tablet costs $329. How much will all four tablets cost?

7. Amaya read 64 pages last week. Amaya’s older brother, Rogelio, read twice as many pages in the same amount of time. Their big sister, Elianna, is in high school and read 4 times as many pages as Rogelio did. How many pages did Elianna read last week?

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