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Represent Multiplication using the Associative Property

Videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to represent the multiplication of n times a/b as (n × a)/b using the associative property and visual models.

Topic G: Repeated Addition of Fractions as Multiplication

Common Core Standards: 4.NF.4, 4.MD.4, 4.OA.2, 4.MD.2

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NYS Common Core Grade 4 Module 5, Lessons 36

Lesson 36 Concept Development

Problem 1: Rewrite a repeated addition problem as n times a/b.
Problem 2: Solve n times a/b as (n × a)/b.
Problem 3: Solve a word problem involving the multiplication of fractions.
The serving size for cereal is 2/3 cup. Each of 27 students in health class measured out one serving to eat for breakfast. If a box of cereal contained 16 cups, how many boxes of cereal were needed?

Lesson 36 Homework

2. Draw a tape diagram to represent
Write a multiplication expression equal to
3. Rewrite each repeated addition problem as a multiplication problem and solve. Express the result as a mixed number. The first one has been completed for you.
4. Solve using any method. Express your answers as whole or mixed numbers.
6. There were 11 players on Mr. Maiorani’s softball team. They each ate 3/8 of a pizza. How many pizzas did they eat?
7. A bricklayer places 12 bricks along an outside wall of a shed. Each brick is 3/4 foot long. How many feet long is that wall of the shed?
Lesson 36 Homework

Questions 1 - 7

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