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Motion Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra 1 students learn how to solve motion word problems.

Motion Word Problems - Passing Trains
Train A is 200 meters long. Train B is 400 meters long. They run on parallel tracks at constant speed. When moving in the same direction A passes B in 15 seconds. When moving in opposite directions, they pass each other in 5 seconds. How fast is each train moving in m/s?
Overtaking Word Problem
Three people overtaking each other at different rates
Alice is 100 meters form Bill and Bill is 300 meters from Chelsea. They are all facing East and are standing on the same line. They all travel to the East at constant speed. In 6 minutes, Alice overtakes Bill, and in another 6 minutes Alice overtakes Chelsea. How many minutes did it take Bill to overtake Chelsea?

Two Passing Bicycles Word Problem
Algebra word problem involving two bicycles passing each other.
Ann and Betty, two cyclists start simultaneously. Ann at point A and Betty at point B. They travel towards each other at constant speeds. They pass each other in 30 minutes, and Ann heads for point B and arrives there in 20 minutes. How many minutes after Ann arrives at point B will Betty arrive at point A?
Passed Bike Word Problem
Fun algebra word problem involving a train passing a bike.
A woman cycles to work alongside a railroad track at 6 km/h. Everyday, she arrives at a crossing the same time a train does. One day, she was 50 minutes late and was overtaken by the train 6 km from the crossing. In how many minutes will the train reach the crossing?

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