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Model Changing the Hundreds Place

Videos solutions to help Grade 2 students learn how to model 1 more and 1 less, 10 more and 10 less, and 100 more and 100 less when changing the hundreds place.

Common Core Standards: 2.NBT.2, 2.OA.1, 2.NBT.8

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New York State Common Core Math Module 3, Grade 2, Lesson 20

Worksheets for Grade 2

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 2 Lesson 20
Lesson 20 Homework

1. Fill in the blanks. Whisper the complete sentence.
a. 1 less than 160 is ____.
b. 10 more than 392 is ___.
c. 100 less than 425 is __.
d. __ more than 549 is 550.
e. __ more than 691 is 601.
f. 10 more than ___ is 704.
g. 100 less than ___ is 986.
h. 10 less than ____ is 815.
2. Count the numbers aloud to a parent.
a. Count by 1s from 204 to 212.
b. Skip-count by 10s from 376 to 436.
c. Skip-count by 10s from 582 to 632.
d. Skip-count by 100s from 908 to 18.
3. Henry enjoys watching his pet frog hop.
Each time his frog hops Henry skip-counts backwards by 100s.
Henry starts his first count at 815.
How many times does his frog have to jump to get to 15?
Explain your thinking below.

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