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What is a Mole?

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Introduction to Moles
What is a mole?
A mole is a name for a specific number of things. There are 6.02 x 1023 things in a mole. 6.02 x 1023 is also called the Avogadro's number.
Counting Atoms
How to use moles to figure out how many atoms you have in something?
By using the periodic table, you can figure out the molar mass which is the amount that one mole of a substance weighs.
Once you weigh something to determine how many moles are in it by using molar mass, Avogadro's number allows you to figure out how out how many atoms there are. Isotopes & Relative Atomic Mass
Describe the term relative atomic mass.
Explain what is an isotope.
Calculate the relative atomic mass (Ar) for an element.

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