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Algebra: Mixture Problems

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn about mixture problems.
How to solve mixture word problems in two variables by writing a system of equations?

Mixture Word problem
Example: to get 1000 gallons of a mixture that was 56% alcohol, it was necessary to mix a quantity of 20% alcohol solution with a quantity of 80% alcohol solution. How much of each are required?
Example: How many liters of a 64% glycol solution must be added to a 77 liters of a 23% glycol solution to get a 42% glycol solution?

Solving a Mixture Problem using 2 variables
This video shows how to solve the following mixture problem using algebra by writing a system of equations with 2 variables.
Problem: Mia wants to make a punch by mixing some apple juice costing $2.25 per quart with cranberry juice costing $3.25 per quart. How many quarts of each should she use if she wants to make 100 quarts costing $2.50 per quart?

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