Mixture Problems - Algebra

These lessons, with videos, examples and step-by-step solutions, help Algebra students learn about mixture problems.

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How to solve mixture word problems for example, adding two acid solutions together, or adding water to a sugar solution?

Solving a Mixture problem with Algebra

How many liters of a 10% salt solution should be added to 80 liters of a 35% salt solution to obtain a mixture that is 30% salt solution?

Mixture Word Problems - Algebra Help

How many gallons of pure alcohol should be added to 20 gallons of a 15% alcohol solution to obtain a mixture that is 25% alcohol?

Mixture Problems


  1. Imagine you have 6 gallons of fruit punch. It is 25% soda and 75% juice. If you wanted to contain only 60% juice, how much soda would you have to add?
  2. A restaurant has come pancake batter that is too thin. It weighs 12 kilograms and contains 85% flour. How many kilograms of flour should be added so that the mixture is 90% flour?
  3. A scientist needs 120 oz of a solution that is 52% acid. She must use existing solutions of 60% acid and 36% acid. How much of each should be mixed together to obtain her 20 oz of 53% acid?

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