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Mixed Number Measurement Word Problems

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to solve multi-step word problems involving converting mixed number measurements to a single unit.

Topic C: Investigation of Measurements Expressed as Mixed Numbers

Common Core Standards: 4.OA.3, 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2, 4.NBT.5, 4.NBT.6

NYS Common Core Grade 4, Module 7, Lesson 14

Worksheets for Grade 4

Lesson 14 Problem Set

Use RDW to solve the following problems.

1. A cartoon lasts 1/2 hour. A movie is 6 times as long as the cartoon. How many minutes does it take to watch both the cartoon and the movie?

2. A large bench is 7 1/6 feet long. It is 17 inches longer than a shorter bench. How many inches long is the shorter bench?

3. The first container holds 4 gallons, 2 quarts of juice. The second container can hold 1 3/4 gallons more than the first container. Altogether, how much juice can the two containers hold?

4. A girl’s height is 3 1/3 feet. A giraffe’s height is times that of the girl. How many inches taller is the giraffe than the girl?

5. Five ounces of pretzels are put into each bag. How many bags can be made from 22 3/4 pounds of pretzels?

6. Twenty servings of pancakes require 15 ounces of pancake mix.
a. How much pancake mix is needed for 120 servings?
Bonus: The mix is bought in 2 1/2 pound bags. How many bags will be needed to make 120 servings?

Lesson 14 Homework

Use RDW to solve the following problems.

1. Molly baked a pie for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then, she baked banana bread for 35 minutes less than the pie. How many minutes did it take to bake the pie and the bread?

2. A slide on the playground is 12 1/2 feet long. It is 3 feet 7 inches longer than the small slide. How long is the small slide?

3. The fish tank holds 8 gallons 2 quarts of water. Jeffrey poured 1 3/4 gallons into the empty tank. How much more water does he still need to pour into the tank to fill it?

4. The candy shop puts 10 ounces of gummy bears in each box. How many boxes do they need to fill if there are 12 1/4 pounds of gummy bears?

5. Mom can make 10 brownies from a 12 ounce package.
a. How many ounces of brownie mix would be needed to make 50 brownies?
Bonus: The brownie mix is also sold in 1 1/2 pound bags. How many bags would be needed to make 120 brownies?

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