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Reactions of Metals with Non-metals

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A series of free Science Lessons for 7th Grade and 8th Grade, KS3 and Checkpoint Science in preparation for GCSE and IGCSE Science.

Reactions between Metals and Non-metals
Reaction of metals with oxygen
Reaction of metals with sulfur

Burning Magnesium in Air
1. Clean a small strip of magnesium ribbon.
2. Record the mass of the crucible and lid on a balance (mass A1).
3. Place the magnesium ribbon in the crucible, replace the lid and record the mass (mass A2).
4. Place the crucible on the pipe-clay triangle and heat strongly.
5. Re-weigh the crucible and lid (mass A3).
6. Record these results in a suitable table.
7. How has the mass changed? Can you explain these results? Reaction between zinc and sulfur
Zinc and sulfur react when heated. Zinc sulfide, a luminescent compound, is formed. Reactions of metals with oxygen
Magnesium reacts with oxygen
Copper reacts with oxygen Iron reacts with oxygen

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