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Mechanics Tutorial - Force and Moments

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A-level Mechanics: force on pulley by a string
In this tutorial we show you how to find the resultant force acting on a pulley by the string passing over it. This is a common type of question on A-level maths mechanics papers on connected particles.
A-level Mechanics - Connected Particles
In this tutorial we look at the general motion of two particles connected by vertical strings passing over a pulley.

A-level Mechanics - Connected Particles
Two particles A and B of masses 3kg and 5kg respectively are attached by a light inextensible string passing over a smooth pulley. Calculate the tension in the string and the acceleration of the particles.
A-level Mechanics : Moments - Tilting problem
In this tutorial we look at a tilting type problem.
A uniform rod AB has length 6m and mass 4kg. It is resting in equilibrium in a horizontal position in supports at points X and Y where AX = 2m and AY = 4.5m. A particle of mass Mkg is placed at point C where AC = 5m. Given that the rod is on the point of titling about Y, calculate the value of M.

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