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Customary Units of Length

Videos, worksheets, stories and songs to help Grade 6 students learn how to measure, estimate and convert customary units of length.

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Conversion Chart for Customary Units of Length

12 inches = 1 foot
36 inches = 1 yard
3 feet = 1 yard
5,280 feet = 1 mile
1,760 yards = 1 miles

Customary Units of Length
Learn to estimate and measure length in customary units
Choose the unit that you would use to measure the length of a fork.
Appropriate Customary Units for Estimating Length
Learn to estimate lengths using appropriate customary units
What unit of measure provides the best estimate?
a) Length of pencil
b) Height of a flagpole
c) The distance from New York City to Boston
d) Length of a football field. Estimate and Measure Length in Customary Units
Learn to estimate and measure length in customary units
Measure the length of a pen to the nearest quarter inch.
Customary Units of Length - Arithmetic Operations
Learn to operate with customary units of length
a) Add 12 yards and 5 miles
b) 375 mi/25 gal.

Convert Customary Units of Length
Learn how to convert units of length in inches, feet, yards and miles. Converting units of length
Jamir is training for a race and is running laps around a field. If the distance around the field is 300 yards, how many complete laps would he need to do to run at least 2 miles?

Standard System Rap

"Standard System"

It's the standard system
Manipulating measurements, take 'em, twist 'em (×3)
It's the standard system, no doubt, for sure
Units of conversion no less no more

Verse I
If 12 inches make a foot and 3 feet make a yard
How many inches in a yard? (Man that's kinda hard.)
Nope it's not really it's just 12 × 3
36 inches: one yard exactly
1760 yards in a mile
Trust me, no need to count 'cause that could take a while
A mile is 5280 feet, that's right
We're talking length with strength over the beat


Verse II

If 2 cups make a pint and 2 pints make a quart
How many cups in a quart? (That would be 4.)
If 4 quarts make a gallon and 4 cups are in a quart
How many cups in a gallon? (Man that's a challenge!)
Maybe so, but it's just 4 × 4
16 cups in a gallon for sure
That's 8 pints, no less no more
4 quarts, one gallon, let's settle the score


Verse III

So there's 16 ounces in a pound
And 2000 pounds in a ton
Now imagine a 10-pound cat on the ground
Who loves to lounge in the sun
What is the weight of the cat in ounces? (That's tough!)
Maybe but that's the way the ball bounces.
16 ounces multiplied by 10 pounds
(160 ounces, how does that sound?)

You look confused, you just need more practice
To keep all your math skills sharp like a cactus
Here's another one, you're almost done
A 4000 pound car is how many tons?
4000 pounds is 2 tons exactly
(That's a heavy car, is it a truck or a taxi?)
2 tons is right, you're really coming along
Learn the standard system by learning this song


Verse IV

Now, suppose you've got an area of 1 square foot
How many square inches would you have in that area?
Calm down, no need to cause mass hysteria
I didn't know that units of conversion were scarin' ya
(1 square foot is a 1 × 1 square.)
Now transfer that to inches and do it with care
(12 inches squared is 144.)
That's 1 square foot no less no more

Try to visualize what the problem is asking
That's a math skill for life, long and everlasting
Paint a picture with your mind, create a visual image
And memorize this song from the start to the finish.

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