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Videos, stories and songs to teach Grade 3 students how to measure lengths using a ruler.
In these lessons, we will learn how to use a ruler to measure lines in inches, feet, centimeter and meter.

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How to use a ruler? (inches, cm)
A ruler can be used to draw straight lines and to take measurements of lines. This video shows how to take measurements in inches or centimeters by using a ruler.

Measuring lines in inches and half-inches
This video teaches students how to measure line segments in inches and half inches with a ruler.

Measure Inches, Half Inches, and Fourth Inches with a Ruler. Measure eighths and sixteenths with a ruler.

Measuring with a ruler (cm)
How to use a ruler to measure metric length.

Introduction to metric and US standard measurement of length. (inches, ft, cm, mm) - using a ruler.

Reading a Ruler or Tape Measure (inches)

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